Why wait tables at a dusty village camping or do dishes at a dodgy restaurant when you can work at The Next Web for the summer? Are you studying Computer Science,  Web Development, Communication & Multimedia design or a related study and do you want to learn from and rock with the best? Pimp your C.V. and work (fulltime, two months) in a nice, stimulating and open environment?

At The Next Web, we just love to shake up industries  a bit and apply creative, innovative thinking to make our products great and organize our events to make them top-notch. That is where you step in. What if work didn’t feel like working? At The Next Web, we love what we do. We work with passion and strive to do it better every day. We are based in Amsterdam, and our roof has a terrace with awesome views of this fantastic city. Want to know more about working at The Next Web, or hear from an insider?

We are looking for enthusiastic students who are willing to work at our office in Amsterdam in July and August. The pay is lousy, but the fun and the learning experience are priceless. And, we’ll provide lunch, drinks and snacks every day! Do you want to work as a Php Developer, a kick-ass UIX Designer and Developer a Designer or a Front End Developer when you grow up? Here’s your chance to gain experience. When you show us you are talented and fun to work with, a summer job at The Next Web can lead to an internship and eventually a full time job with us.


Please contact Arjen Schat, CTO & Co-Founder TNW, send resume, links of work and a nice letter. We would love to hear from you!