As one of the world’s leading blogs on internet news and technology, our online impression and credibility are of great importance to us. Our editors publish around 40 new blog posts on a daily basis and in the last 6 years we’ve created over 65000 blogpost related to business, technology and culture. That means we create(d) a lot of content that can be repackaged, improved over time or republished. We’re looking for somebody who understands this and is willing to help our marketing teams to create and edit content for these specific needs. If you like copywriting, even better. You’ll be assisting our project manager for TNW Index in creating relevant content to be published on the blog.

Internship Content Management / TNW Index:

As a content management intern you’ll be working both with our marketing team as our editorial team. You’ll be improving curated content (on TNW Index) to make sure it’s up to date but will also be supporting the team in expanding the product. We provide information on thousands of technology companies that we write about regularly. You’ll be looking for new and easier ways to retrieve the content that we’ll be looking for: investments, new start-ups, investors, etc.

You actively contribute to our content strategy surrounding TNW Index; continuing to build credibility and authority in the various market segments we engage with. You’ll support our editorial team by creating scalable ideas and solutions to help them make their work easier so that they can focus on creating the best content. Along the way we’ll teach you about: copy writing, content management, SEO, Google Analytics, A/B testing, growth hacking (even juggling if you want to).

About you:

  • Unwavering passion for technology, start-ups, marketing and entrepreneurship.
  • You’re interested in (online) marketing.
  • You’re ambitious and willing to think about creating solutions that don’t exist yet, innovative.
  • You’re a great copywriter and willing to share your opinions and content with the TNW audience.
  • You’re able to create the most awesome spreadsheets and formulas to make your work easier and to handle even more data/ content.
  • You live or want to live in Holland – we work in Amsterdam.

Start date: 1 September 2015.

Interested? Get in touch!
We’d love you meet you! Send your resume/ LinkedIn profile and a nice cover letter to Martijn. If you have any questions about the internship, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Martijn either.