Are you not satisfied until a design has this ‘je-ne-sais-quoi’ hotness about it? Are you like Steve Jobs, mad about typography? At The Next Web we love design and as our design intern you’ll be part of the design team who shape how people see our company and our products. A role of great importance and impact. Each year we only have one design intern positions so it goes without saying we’re looking for true talent here. So you think you are up for a challenge? To have fun, improve yourself and our products and work in the eclectic city of Amsterdam out of our brand new office?


Design internship

The Role: 

As a design intern you will create design (web and mobile) for new and existing TNW services. You love typography and think nothing would be better than to draw new worlds and experiences. You’ll assist the design team and make sure the web development team have the right images to work with. Tweak until every pixel looks amazing.

About you:

  • Photoshop and Illustrator have no more secrets for you
  • You are creative and are known at school as miss or mr Design.
  • You know your way around HTML, CSS and LESS or SASS
  • You live in Holland
  • You want to learn new skills, work in a team and you have good communication skills.


Please contact Alexander, send resume, links of work (Dribbble / Behance / portfolio) and a nice letter. We would love to hear from you!

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