Sprint online event: How remote product teams can foster creativity

Sprint online event: How remote product teams can foster creativity

In recent months, the digital product industry has been faced with both challenge and opportunity. Companies and individuals are clambering to find solutions for remote work and life; all freshly reliant on new tools and platforms to collaborate and do business.

Behind the scenes, product teams are under pressure to keep pace through innovation and creativity. This is a tall order in a time of disruption, but an extraordinary chance to grow and adapt. At Sprint Couch Conference on June 11, product leaders from successful digital businesses will guide us through methods for design and development in our current context. Don’t miss these sessions on fostering creative output in uncertain times.

Taking creativity remote
Georg Petschnigg is the Chief Innovation Officer of WeTransfer, the popular file sharing service loved for its usability and design. In this session he’ll explore how we can ensure new ideas are seen and heard, when we’re all behind our own laptops at home.

Navigating the crisis as a platform
As the world went into lockdown, commerce went online in a matter of days. Hear from Satish Kanwar, GM of Channels at Shopify, on how their product team responded to the unfolding events and how their thinking about their products and their workflows has evolved since.

Fostering product innovation in remote teams
Collaboration is more critical than ever. How can distributed teams build trust and good communication for effective product innovation workflows fully remotely? In this session, we’ll be discussing the path towards innovation with Jason Fried, founder of productivity tool Basecamp.

Join us at Sprint online event and deep dive into all things digital product in 2020. Not another webinar, Sprint attendees can participate in workshops, demos, relaxed attendee networking, and enjoy some TNW-style touches (like a comedy show and cooking class)! Secure your spot at Sprint Couch Conference on June 11 and stay at the forefront of innovation in extraordinary times. Free seats are limited and filling fast!

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