Amazon teases ‘Fire TV Cube’ that might double as an Echo

Amazon teases ‘Fire TV Cube’ that might double as an Echo

What is it? Amazon is teasing the release of a mysterious new ‘Fire TV Cube‘ on its very website. Well, maybe not that mysterious; based on previous leaks, it appears the device is a small set-top box that combines Amazon’s TV offerings with the Echo’s voice assistant capabilities.

The context: Way back in September, we wrote up a leak indicating Amazon was working on a new Fire TV module that could double as  an Echo. The devices were originally rumored to be announced by the end of 2017, but as that came and passed, it seemed Amazon may have scrapped the idea. Turns out it just wasn’t the right time.

Here’s what device looked like based an earlier leak by AFTV News.

Of course, much could have changed since last year, but that seems about right. I mean, it is a cube.

Such a device would allow Amazon to capture two market segments in one fell swoop. Google, meanwhile, has been integrating its Assistant more tightly into Android TV, but we’ve yet to see a device that natively combines an always-listening voice assistant with streaming video capabilities.

More information: Amazon is extremely vague on details, but even disregarding the leaks, the ‘Fire TV in the name and Echo-like blue light in the background are pretty strong hints at what’s to come. Amazon hasn’t said when it plans to officially announce the device, but you can sign up to learn more on Amazon’s page here.

Via AFTV News

What is Fire TV Cube on Amazon

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