Sonos speakers come in pretty colors now

Sonos speakers come in pretty colors now

Sonos speakers have always come in two colors: black and white (and those aren’t even technically colors, depending who you ask). If that’s a bit too drab for your tastes, you can now buy the Sonos One in a few colorful options.

The new, limited edition colors came about as a partnership with Danish design brand HAY. They’re designed to match HAY’s current product line, in neat shades of red, green, and yellow. Curiously, there’s also a pink speaker in the marketing images, but it’s not clear if that version will actually be on sale.

They’ll cost you $229 and will be available from and the company’s store’s in New York and London starting September. That’s 30 bucks more than the black and white models, which isn’t too bad if you only want one of them. But if you want a pair for stereo or multi-room music, it’s a bit of a hefty premium. For a while, you could get two of the regular speakers for $349 – a deal made in response to the HomePod’s release – but that deal is no longer in effect.

It’s also not clear whether the new colors will be coming to other Sonos speakers – it probably makes more sense on the smaller models than on something as big as the Play:5. In any case, we’ve contacted Sonos for more information and will update this post when we hear back. For more on the Sonos One, you can check out our review here.

Update: Sonos says there are currently no plans to bring the colorways to other Sonos models. Hopefully these sell well enough that Sonos will reconsider.

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