LG’s more powerful G6+ doubles the storage and adds a high quality DAC

LG’s more powerful G6+ doubles the storage and adds a high quality DAC

LG’s G6 is one of the best phones you can buy right now, but it faces stiff competition from Samsung’s S8. Now LG is trying to gain an edge over Samsung with a premium version of its flagship, the G6+.

To be clear, the device isn’t any larger than the current G6; the ‘plus’ designation only indicates a couple of new features: The G6+ doubles the storage to 128 GB and adds a premium 32-bit HiFi Quad DAC, as found in the excellent V20. The latter feature was previously available in the Korean version of the G6, but given the V20’s popularity among audiophiles, it’s nice to see LG bringing the high-end DAC to more regions.

Also new are a light blue (Optical Marine Blue) and rose gold (Optical Terra Gold) colors, which use a lenticular film layer for some fancy reflective effects. And though the black color isn’t new, it seems to have been revamped with the same lenticular effect.

It’s hard to say how good the colors are without seeing them in person, but I’m a fan of the look in the press images at least. I’ll take that blue, kthanks.

The company is also introducing a few new features via software update, such as a ‘Low Power Consumption’ mode, a facial recognition login, and warning if you’ve partly covered the camera lens (which is easy to do with the wideangle camera).

Otherwise, as far as we can tell from LG’s press release, it’s the same LG G6 we’re used to. Same Snapdragon 821, same 4GB of RAM, same 3,200 mAh battery. It would’ve been nice to see the company upgrade to a Snapdragon 835 now that its been out for a while – the company cited the 835’s newness as a reason for going with the proven 821 chip – but we’ll surely see that whenever the V30 rolls around.

No word on when exactly the plus models will be available just yet; LG says it will announce release dates and pricing locally for each market.


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