LG teases sturdy weatherproof G6 with a big screen and a small body

LG teases sturdy weatherproof G6 with a big screen and a small body

LG has been teasing us about its upcoming G6 while we await Mobile World Congress – not to mention the myriad of leaks. Now the company has released the results of a survey “in celebration” of the device.

The queries asked American users what features they most wanted in a smartphone, as well as their biggest grievances with current or older ones. Given the context, it’s pretty obvious LG is planning on addressing those points with the G6.

Here’s a summary of the results:

  • 95 percent of users surveyed said they “feel that having a large screen size is essential.” In fact, a big screen was variously more important than big cars, big laptops, or big “body parts.” (Alright then, LG.)
  • “Nine in ten users” what a smartphone small enough for one-handed use “freeing up the other to multitask.” (Is that more innuendo, LG?). A more grippable phone also means you’re less likely to drop it.
  • Speaking of dropping, “over one third” of those surveyed admitted to having dropped their phones and cracked their screens at some point, while 75 percent wished their phone were more durable. In fact, over a quarter of people would give up sex instead of using a phone with a cracked screen. (I’m seeing a trend here.)

Meanwhile, a teaser video earlier today implied some waterproofing:

And another one appears to suggest it’s resistant to cocaine dust:

So from all this we can surmise that LG is building a weatherproof phone with a big screen and small body – which we already knew from leaks – as well as some kind of screen protection. Perhaps that means the company is using some durable screen tech a la Moto Z Force, or introducing a program like HTC’s ‘Uh Oh’ screen replacements.

Or maybe it’s something new altogether. For the record, I’ve dropped the military standard-rated LG V20 about 13 times and it’s yet to crack, so maybe the company is onto something.

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