Moodo lets you change how your home smells from your phone because candles are so 3000 BC

You can control almost everything about your home from your phone, if you so desire. For every ‘dumb’ item, you can guarantee there’s a smart home equivalent – from lightbulbs, to garage openers and lawn sprinklers. Now you can add fragrances to the list.

Moodo is a novel new product that’s currently in the crowdfunding stage of development, and lets you control with absolute precision how your home smells by mixing together various fragrances. It’s a bit like how a painter creates shades by combining colors.

Fragrances are loaded into the device through capsules. Up to four of these can be used at the same time, and the user can vary the intensity of each scent as desired. Once you’ve landed on a smell that you like, you can save it through the companion app.

“With Moodo, we give users a customized platform to create and experience a virtually limitless world of fragrances to choose from,” said Yoav Avidor, CEO of Agan Aroma, the parent company behind Moodo.

There are also four “scent-scenes”, which are pre-composed scents made by “leading French perfumers”. Moodo insists that they’ve been designed so that no matter what combination or intensity the user picks, they aren’t too overpowering.

Moodo isn’t the only product in its category. Rivals include Noso, which diffuses fragranced oils, and is similarly controlled via a smartphone app. But what makes Moodo different is the level of customization that’s available.

You can back Moodo on Indiegogo. A standard pack with eight scent capsules will set you back $159, plus shipping. And remember, as with any crowdfunding campaign, there’s always an element of risk.

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