No regrets

No regrets

As another year comes to an end, it’s only normal to look back and wonder what you could have done better. It’s easy to become a bit pessimistic and focus on the things you regret.

I was speaking with a friend about resolutions and remorse, and we decided there isn’t anything we can actually pinpoint as a regret. Sure, we’ve had some failures. We’ve made some mistakes. But at the end of the day (or year) you don’t regret the party, you simply hate the hangover.

You shouldn’t fear failure. And if you have the best intentions, you should have no regrets.

We live and act in ways to prevent mistakes — not taking risks, not expanding outside of our comfort zones, not jumping outside those boxes we love hiding inside. But mistakes are a crucial step in learning and growing.

So embrace the failure  – screw ups and shortcomings. There’s no need for regrets if you give it your all.

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