Leak: Nintendo Switch to cost less than Wii U at launch

Leak: Nintendo Switch to cost less than Wii U at launch

We now know a lot more about the Nintendo’s new Switch console/handheld hybrid than we did a few months ago, but one thing Nintendo has yet to reveal is the price. New leaks suggest we might see something pretty affordable though: The console could come in for $249.

Lets Play Video Games suggests that UK outlet Game is planning to sell the switch for £199.99, which translates to $250 in the US. A leak from Toys ‘R’ Us Canada shows corroborates teh report, showing the console selling for $329.99 CAD, or about $245.

A higher end version of the console with additional storage will sell for £249.99, which is about $311, and Pro controllers will cost £39.99 (around $50).

With the PS4 and Xbox One S starting at $300, Nintendo is clearly aiming to undercut the competition. You could get an original Xbox One or used console for cheaper, of course, but those won’t have the newness factor.

Nintendo has long kept its prices a notch lower than its competitors, particularly given its consoles haven’t matched the graphical prowess of its competitors since way back with the GameCube. In fact, one of the issues that kept the Wii U from succeeding was its relatively high launch price of $300. Despite its unique features, there wasn’t enough reason for people to choose it over the competition.

And though Nintendo still calls the Switch a home console foremost, the lower price also makes sense given its handheld form-factor, putting it more in line with portable consoles like the Nintendo 3DS.

With the Switch due to be released in March, it won’t be long until we find out more.

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Report: UK Retailer GAME to Price Nintendo Switch from £199.99 on Let's Play Games

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