BetaList Jobs will help you find your next startup gig

BetaList Jobs will help you find your next startup gig

Take it from me, startups are fun places to work. They’re more casual than your average 9-to-5. You don’t have to wear the dreaded suit-and-tie. And if your company becomes a “unicorn” and you have stock, there’s a chance you’ll become fabulously rich.

But finding your first startup gig can be tricky. For starters, where do you look? And crucially, how do you find the job that’s relevant to your skillset and experience?

The startup recruitment market is an incredibly crowded one. It’s filled with well-entrenched competitors like AngelList Jobs, Startupers, and WorkInStartups. Now, you can add another to this ever-increasing list. Meet BetaList Jobs.

So, in a nutshell, why should you care? Firstly, because it has a ludicrous amount of listings, all from companies you probably want to work for.

These have been painstaking curated, contextualized, and presented in a way that promises to make job hunting a less frustrating prospect.

At the time of writing, BetaList Jobs has 34,306 listings, sourced from 1,606 different startups, like GoCardless, Buzzfeed, Twilio, and more.


To get them, it had to be creative. That’s because in order to save on recruitment costs, many startups choose to advertise on their own websites, rather than on third-party job boards.

According to founder Marc Köhlbrugge, many of its listings were scraped directly from the startups.

“We don’t scrape from any other job boards. Rather, we look at the ‘’ pages. Each company is curated to ensure that it’s relevant to our audience.”

Recognizing that many companies depend on off-the-shelf software for its recruitment efforts, BetaList Jobs built software that can scrape from these apps.

“We built one scraper for one type of HR app called With this, we can use the same scraper with other startups that use the same app.”

“I guess it’s quite similar to how Google operates, and we always link back to the original job listing,” he added.

To make things easier on the job seeker, each job listing is accompanied with information about the company that posted it. This is sourced from ClearBit – a well-established business intelligence provider.

The site also allows startups to post their own job listings – for a $99 fee. According to Köhlbrugge, it’s still trying to find the perfect balance between scraped listings and paid ones. “Our main priority is to get a good database of job listings.”

The quality of this database is vital. There are a lot of predatory startups who have ripped off employees and investors alike. But according to Köhlbrugge, BetaList jobs will try to protect job seekers from these companies.

“Our main priority is helping the job seeker. Even if a ‘bad actor’ company wants us to pay to list their jobs, we’ll decline. We’ve done this in the past for advertisers on which we felt weren’t a great fit (e.g. scammy get-rich-quick schemes, etc).”

“If someone reaches out to us with a concern, or we happen to across something ourselves, we’ll definitely look into it,” he said.

You can try BetaList Jobs from today.

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