You’re stronger than you think

You’re stronger than you think

I’m not a very muscular guy, but I can move mountains. Or fridges that are too heavy for one person. Or a vault that weighs as much as a car.

I can do these unimaginable feats not because I’m strong, but because I lack the self awareness that tells me I can’t.

I have no fear, I’m stubborn, and I’m creative.

That vault needed to be moved across the room but nobody could lift it. I stared at it for a while and noticed I could open the door, and if I would then put all my weight on the door I could tip the vault. Then when it was tipping I could swivel it on its corner.

It may have taken me an hour to swivel it across the room, but I did it. And I know that six people stronger than me couldn’t have lifted it.

I also installed a washing machine once, in a space where it didn’t fit. Only took me eight espresso’s, a large stick – to lift part of the kitchen, and a few uninterrupted hours. Granted, when we eventually moved, we had to dismantle the entire machine as there wasn’t enough room on either side to slide a credit card.

Not knowing your own limits can be dangerous. But sometimes it’ll allow you to do things you wouldn’t think possible. Or drop a safe on your toe and regret you ever tried.

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