AOL CEO Tim Armstrong’s Twitter was just hacked

AOL CEO Tim Armstrong’s Twitter was just hacked

Tim Armstrong is probably having a bad day. The AOL CEO’s Twitter account has been hacked by an unknown individual, and posted spammy tweets at a rate of 20 a second. Here’s what it looked like.


At first glance, the links were for Baidu – a legitimate (and massive) Chinese search engine. Clicking them brought you to (what else) an advert for a weight loss supplement masquerading as a TMZ article.


Of course, this episode is hugely embarrassing for Armstrong, and people were quick to make light of the situation. Many of the jokes, especially those about AOL’s precarious financial situation, were pretty obvious.

The CEO of a major technology company losing control of his Twitter account is undeniably hilarious. Alas, all good things must come to an end, and his account was eventually taken down. It’s not immediately obvious whether this was done by Twitter or AOL.


We’re going to reach out to AOL to find out what happened. If we hear anything, we’ll update this post.


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