Chinese woman falls prey to possibly the most clever iPhone scam of all time

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As long as there have been marketplaces to sell goods, there have been scummy people looking to rip others off. Most, however, aren’t as creative as what happened to Mimi Jiang, a Chinese woman who tried to purchase a rose gold iPhone 7 online.

What Jiang got, however, was something else entirely. Inside the package were two iPhones — an iPhone 3 and an iPhone 4 — both of which are all but worthless today. The surprise came with the inclusion of a Yu-Gi-Oh card called ‘Polymerization.’ When played, the Polymerization card combines two monsters to make a larger, more powerful beast.

I don’t know that an iPhone 3G and an iPhone 4 — even though they add up to an iPhone 7 mathematically — get the same benefit.

It’s certainly unfortunate that Jiang fell victim to an unscrupulous seller, but once she’s done swearing off buying online she’ll probably find just a smidgen of humor in the entire ordeal.

via Daily Dot

iPhone 7 scam on Facebook

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