Casper now sells memory foam beds for your spoiled pups

Casper now sells memory foam beds for your spoiled pups

Are you a Silicon Valley bro? Do you live in a tech bubble? Hey, then maybe this startup dog bed is perfect for your pet companion.

No, seriously, there’s now a dog bed option from the mattress startup Casper. The company, a “Warby Parker for beds” of sorts, ships its mattress rolled up in a box and lets you try it for 100 nights with free returns. Now, it’s expanded to making beds for dogs, in case yours is not already happy curling up basically wherever convenient.

While it looks like a miniaturized human mattress, Casper says it’s got special material to let dogs dig into the surface to mimic the feeling of pawing into dirt. The microfibers are also reinforced to handle dog bites and claws. Lastly, the cover is removable for washing.


The memory foam bed starts at $125 for a small mattress that fits dogs up to 30 pounds, and goes up to $250 for 90-pound dogs. As with its regular mattresses, you can sample the bed for 100 nights to see if Fido’s into it. Casper says 110 prototypes were made to create the perfect bed for your spoiled pup.

With other mattress startups vying for customer dollars (Tuft & Needle and Helix, for example), expanding into the pet market is an interesting choice. Some dog lovers spare no expense with accessories and toys, so it might be just what Casper needs to win a little more love.

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