Free Brooklyn event lets you control the color of World Trade Center’s spire

Free Brooklyn event lets you control the color of World Trade Center’s spire
Credit: Alec Perkins

In honor of the US National Park Service’s 100th birthday, public parks around the country are throwing their own celebrations to get people outdoors. In Brooklyn, you’ll have the opportunity to play some interactive games to change the color of the World Trade Center’s spire.

Held at the Brooklyn Bridge Park, look for the Edison Floor Installation for three mini-games you can play to change the spire’s colors. All three games are inspired by Thomas Edison, the pioneer in electric light bulb design, and lets participants move around a digital floor to trigger different colors.

For example, in “Edison’s Light Bulb,” visitors will have to work together, stepping around the life-sized circuit board to reflect a current into a bulb. When successful, the light bulb will illuminate one of five colors, then cause the WTC’s spire to glow in the same shade.

Edison Floor Tent Shade One
Rendering via Find Your Park

Most recently, the landmark’s spire lit up in rainbow colors to honor the victims of the Orlando nightclub shooting in June.

Other activities at the park include a “Smart Parks Game Jam” which aims to teach visitors game design basics and let them create their own prototypes, an appearance by Bill Nye the Science Guy, and a DJ set by Questlove. The event kicks off at 1 PM on August 22.

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