Flying Delta? You’re going to have a really long day

Flying Delta? You’re going to have a really long day

A major computer outage is causing mass disruption at Delta Airlines, with virtually every flight either cancelled or delayed, and and tens of thousands of customers stranded. The airline says the problem was caused by a power cut in Atlanta at 2:30AM EST.

One of the consequences of the glitch is that Delta are unable to check in passengers using the computer systems. There have also been reports that Delta gate personnel in London have been manually writing boarding cards one-by-one.

There has also been reported issues with flight time screens, with many incorrectly showing Delta flights departing as normal.

Thousands of Delta customers have taken to Twitter to voice their frustration with the airline.

That said, there have been some silver linings. Some Delta passengers are making the most of their predicament, with one guy using it as an opportunity to hatch some eggs on Pokémon Go.

In a blog post, Delta has said “we apologize to customers who are affected by this issue, and our teams are working to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.” It is offering refunds to all those affected who wish to cancel their bookings.

Those who wish to move their travel to another day can do so free of charge, provided that the travel takes place before the 12th of August. For travel planned afterwards, Delta will waive the change fee, but will charge any difference in price.


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