Watch: Giphy’s COO convinced me GIFs are the future by using… GIFs

We had the pleasure of having Giphy’s COO Adam Leibsohn speak at TNW Conference back in May. This November, catch similar tech giants at Momentum– our new event for New York.

Last week, we published your ultimate guide to GIFs: How to create them, when to use them and why they’re essential for marketing.

And if anyone knows about the power of the GIF, it’s Giphy‘s COO Adam Leibsohn. According to him, that funny cat GIF you can’t stop laughing at is not just funny; it’s the future.


These simple moving images we love to share so much hold a secret about who we are and about what’s to come: a revolution. And, yeah, it involves GIFs. At least we know the future will be fun.

In this funny and informative talk, Leibsohn tells us the power that this 20-year-old-technology holds, and proving that a picture really does speak a thousand words – especially if it moves.

Adam Leibsohn

Adam is a product, marketing and communications strategy specialist. His strategies and work have been featured in Fast Company, Wired Magazine, The Harvard Business Review, CNBC and The New York Times; and, he has been listed on some lists about people who do things.

Previously, he was the Director of Communications Strategy at Anomaly, where he led award winning products and communications for Captain Morgan, Virgin America, Converse, Budweiser, Motorola and more.



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