People are using Instagram’s ‘Stories’ feature to ask for follows on Snapchat


After Instagram released a feature today that looked a lot like Snapchat, it seems teens are really embracing it. The feature allows Instagram users to create “Stories” much like you would on Snapchat. In fact, let’s not mince words: it’s exactly like Snapchat.

Teens, as you probably already know, love Snapchat, so the move seems to be a power play by Instagram to attract more of the users it’s losing to other services. In this case, “other services” is Snapchat, and Instagram is losing a metric shit ton of its users to the platform.

Luckily, Instagram found the solution — Stories. Teens are coming out en masse to try out the new feature, only maybe not for the intended purpose.

It seems that teens will try anything these days, even if anything means using a platform they mostly abandoned in order to acquire more Snapchat followers.

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