AT&T U-verse customers are getting a free data cap boost

Hot on the news of Comcast doing the same thing, AT&T is raising its data cap for U-verse users to 1TB beginning August 21. All U-verse users on plans up to 300Mbps will receive the cap increase but those on its GigaPower 1Gbps plans are going to benefit the most as AT&T is dropping data usage caps and moving to unlimited plans for those users.

Currently, most U-verse subscribers are subjected to a 300GB or 600GB per month allowance, with a $10 charge for each 50GB they go over. The new plan should put most customers safely outside the possibility of  that happening. If you do manage to go over, though, you’ll still get hit with the $10 charge.

So, um… happy Friday.

More Data for More Customers on AT&T

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