Crazy guy crashed his car into a gaming company because it ‘ruined his life’

Crazy guy crashed his car into a gaming company because it ‘ruined his life’

Devoted gamers tend to have pretty strong opinions about the games they play – and while usually gaming is quite fun, it can quickly turn into an unhealthy obsession.

When a Chinese man by the name of Lee could no longer control his gaming urges, he decided that the only way to battle his addiction was to direct his frustration straight at the source… so he crashed his car into the office of game developer Nexon – the company responsible for popular titles like MapleStory and Atlantica Online.

The incident took place on Sunday at around 7AM in South Korea. When the police apprehended the raging gamer, he explained his actions by claiming that Nexon’s games had ‘ruined his life.’

Police reports further say that at the time of the crash Lee was under the influence of alcohol, which ought to explain his unwarranted fit of temper.

Authorities also reveal that the car Lee was driving belonged to his brother. At the time of the incident, Lee was on a vacation in South Korea.

Anyways, driving your car straight into an office while on vacation is one hell of a way to let some steam off.

You can watch a video with the damages from the crash here.


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