This mobile app wants to end awkward conversation (or silence) forever

When meeting new people, sometimes you gel and conversation flows for hours. More often than not though (at least for me), it ends up with awkward small talk (or silence) while you count down the seconds before you can make a polite exit.

If conversation is a game, we can’t all be winners.

A Curious Question‘ wants to help you win the conversation game. The app (Android/iOS) offers up 300 “truly curious questions” designed to spark conversation. In the free version, you get access to 20 of these, but you can grab all 300 for $2.99. Admittedly, they’re not all winners, but in the appropriate time and place just about any of them could work.

While it’s probably not a great idea to grab your phone mid-awkward silence to look, having a few in your head for these situations could lead to better interactions, conversations and relationships. It’s a simple solution to a common problem, and the questions are designed for a wide variety of social situations — from dating to cocktail parties (and everything in-between).

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