TNW Weekly: Pokémon Go or GTFO!

TNW Weekly: Pokémon Go or GTFO!

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We published a story earlier this week on how I made Pokémon Go mandatory for all TNW employees.
While a joke, it was also subtle commentary on how people around the world are freaking out about the game. Last week’s newsletter was filled with Pokémon Go stories, and the trend doesn’t seem to be over yet. And with the plethora of stories about employers telling staff not to abuse company time by playing Pokémon Go, we figured saying the opposite would be a good joke. Not everybody took it as such – including some of our own staff willing to download the game and go out every day – which just makes the whole thing better.

I don’t actually mind if people take a break after lunch to play Pokémon Go. If it makes them happy and relaxed, I’m sure it makes them more efficient at their work as well. For the same reason we did a ’Sleeping with the boss’ event where I talked about the benefits of taking a short nap after lunch.

I’m not telling my people to sleep on the job or play games instead of doing work. But if they take a nap to become healthier and more energized, or take a 30 minute walk and come back refreshed and ready to kick ass, then I’m all for it.

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