Marissa Mayer has a $57 million golden parachute if she leaves Yahoo

Marissa Mayer has a $57 million golden parachute if she leaves Yahoo

Though Marissa Mayer is openly stating she plans on staying on at Yahoo after its merger with AOL under Verizon ownership, she’s got $57 million reasons to leave.

As part of a regulatory filing for the acquisition, it’s been discovered that Mayer has a $57 million golden parachute. That’s on top of her $162 million in earnings at Yahoo, bringing her total take to a hefty $219 million.

And she just might leave. In a conference call with investors, she was noncommittal about staying on with Verizon, saying she’s been “really dedicated to the process of getting to this point.”

In her letter, Mayer says “it’s important to me to see Yahoo into its next chapter.”

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Where that next chapter closes is another matter entirely. She may simply be interested in ushering Yahoo into the AOL fold as seamlessly as possible, or ready to take on some sort of leadership role within the new company.

AOL chief Tim Armstrong will helm the new AOL/Yahoo conglomerate, and once proposed to Mayer that the two companies merge. Perhaps the two have already discussed what her new role may look like.

At this point, Mayer can likely do as she pleases — but if the powers that be at Verizon decide it’s time to cut her loose, don’t feel too bad for Marissa.

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