This simple tool tells you if Amazon Prime is worth it (or not)

This simple tool tells you if Amazon Prime is worth it (or not)
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Amazon Prime is pretty great, but is it worth $99 per year? That varies depending on how you use Prime, of course, but there’s now a really simple way to figure it all out.

Slice is an app for iOS and Android that tracks shipments for you based on shipment confirmation emails. It’s new tool, My Amazon Report, breaks down exactly how much you are (or aren’t) saving on shipping costs.

It gives some decent insight, too. You’ll see how much you spend on an average Amazon purchase, as well as your most and least expensive purchases over the course of a year (it’s cumulative for a calendar year).

It also tells you how many shipments you received, and how your Amazon spending stacks up versus other merchants. It’s not terrible accurate for comparison purposes, as you may not always have the same email account linked to a merchant — if at all.

But for Prime, it does a very solid job of letting you know if you’re spending frivolously or not. In my instance, Prime is not worth it, according to Slice.


Amazon intangibles

Slice doesn’t get the whole picture, though.

Prime comes with a bevy of other benefits, like Prime Video, Music and unlimited photo storage. There’s also ‘Prime Day,’ the company’s fake holiday meant for shopping.

But if you’re a more casual user — as I am, apparently — the My Amazon Report tool from Slice is something you should take a look at. I don’t use Amazon’s photo storage (it’s slow, and has a terrible app), and I don’t take advantage of Prime Music (it’s really bad). Prime Video is something I use occasionally, but it’s not worth having Prime for.

And apparently, I’ll save money if I use Amazon without Prime. Slice doesn’t get quite as detailed as I’d like (how much will I save?), but if you’re on the fence about whether or not Prime is worth it, try My Amazon Report.

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My Amazon Report on Slice

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