Modobag is an insane carry-on that lets you ride it like a mini motorcycle

Modobag is an insane carry-on that lets you ride it like a mini motorcycle

When you think of ways to move through an Airport quickly, hopping on your luggage probably doesn’t come to mind. If Modobag has its way, that will soon change.

Billed as a carry-on (good luck with that), Modobag combines a motorized scooter with space for your clothes. It can reach speeds up to 8mph, has a dual-wheel braking system and dual USB charging ports.


Inside, you’ll have a 200-watt electric motor powered by lithium batteries. Modobag lasts for six miles (which is based on a rider weight of 180 pounds).

The package is only 19 pounds, and sized for overhead bins. the company claims it’s TSA and FAA compliant, too.

Modobag is nuts

But really, this is nuts. We can’t even get through a TSA checkpoint with a bag that has a built-in power supply; do you really think security agents will just let you scoot through with a bag that has a motor?

Or maybe I’m wrong. Look at all the GIFs (and the video!) in this article. People seem to be enjoying rolling through the airport like jerks, swerving through fools who are still walking to their gates. I mean, this is the future, right?


Not for $995 it’s not — and that’s just the ‘early bird’ price on its Indiegogo campaign. It also has an estimated delivery of January 2017, and we already know how that typically ends up.

Modobag is halfway to its goal, and has a full month left. Oddly, the company is only asking for $50,000 to make Modobag happen. That seems like far too little cash to actually bring this monster to life.

But, if you’ve ever though ‘I wish I could just ride my bag through this airport because walking is really hard,’ fund this one. Just be sure to pack a duffel bag for when the TSA confiscates it and you need to re-pack your stuff.

Modobag: World's First Motorized, Rideable Luggage on Modobag

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