Find out what rights your passport gives you with this oddly fascinating tool

Find out what rights your passport gives you with this oddly fascinating tool

If you often wonder what privileges your nationality grants you around the globe, Passport Index is the only tool you’ll ever need – and it’s oddly fascinating

Built by financial firm Arton Capital, it’s a Web-based interactive encyclopedia that will tell you everything you need to know about the rights your passport entitles you to.

The eccentric website collects and displays information about over 190 passports from countries around the globe and lets you rank them according to the power that the documents hold.

passport index rank tool 4

The rankings are based on a number of factors including access to foreign countries, visa-free mobility and short-stay privileges.

Clicking on any passport will quickly pull up a page with a recent picture of the document as well as how it ranks in terms of its Visa-Free Score, Global Rank and Individual Rank.

passport index rank tool 2

Passport Index also supports a slew of filtering options that make it easy to compare documents by region, color and location.

Additionally, you can head to the Rank section where you can view the overall Passport Power charts. For example, at present Germany and Sweden are the two countries with the most powerful passports, leading the rankings with a Visa-Free Score of 158 each.

passport index rank tool 3

Wondering how powerful your passport makes you? Go check out what it entitles you to here.

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Passport Index

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