SwiftyBeaver for Mac brings native and cloud-based app logging

SwiftyBeaver for Mac brings native and cloud-based app logging

App logging for Swift apps can now be done natively on a Mac. SwiftyBeaver, a popular GitHub project, has come out of its private beta and is now available to the world.

Logging is important to any app development process, but it’s typically done via a cloud-based service. The process allows a developer (or team) to better understand what’s going on with an app as it runs so that problems can be addressed.

SwiftyBeaver is completely native, but allows you to save your logs to the cloud if you like. Interestingly enough, SwiftyBeaver’s creator Sebastian Kreutzberger notes that native was actually preferred by testers:

The decision to use a Mac App instead of a website to consume logs was also praised by all beta testers and seen as major innovation and advantage in the developer’s workflow. Using a native app for logging 8 hours a day lead to a much better experience due to zero-latency searches and the physical ownership of all logging data and the end-to-end encryption were important bonuses on top.

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SwiftyBeaver is all about Swift

SwiftyBeaver has a Swift framework (for Swift 2 and 3), and allows you to log to an Xcode console, local file and SwiftyBeaver’s cloud. Python, PHP and Objective-C are also supported.

Dubbed ‘Crypto Cloud,’ its proprietary cloud storage is (as you might have guessed) encrypted end-to-end, and stays encrypted on SwiftyBeavers’ servers. There are also API, on-premise hosting and unlimited data options, which are likely attractive for larger teams as well as automated user logging.

There are three tiers of plans to choose from. The personal account offers one hour of local and Crypto Cloud history, unlimited apps and restricted traffic. A $9 per month personal account lifts the local storage and traffic restriction, and adds a full week of history.

There’s also a $25 per month plan for organizations which lets up to three developers access the account, and has 14 days of history along with log sharing.

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