This school bus can take you on a field trip to Mars – sort of

Since the moment we set foot on the moon, Mars has become an obsession for millions of dreamers. While you might have to wait another 20 years or so to venture on a journey to the Red Planet, in the meantime there might be another alternative that will quench your interplanetary curiosity.

For its Generation Beyond initiative, aerospace technology developer Lockheed Martin has created a mind-boggling virtual reality experience that takes you on a breathtaking expedition to Mars.

Engineers used innovative smart window technology to convert a school bus into an improvised space shuttle that simulates the experience of taking a tour on the surface of Mars.

mars bus ride : field trip to mars

To make the experience even more authentic, the bus was also equipped with a special surround sound system to accompany the visuals.

Go take a field trip to Mars here.

via Reddit

How to Take a Field Trip to Mars on Vimeo

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