Pokémon ‘Gone’ wrong: YouTuber gets shot at while catching them all

Since launching earlier this week, Pokémon Go is quickly gaining traction and people keep stumbling upon Pokémon in the weirdest places. But it seems the hunt to catch them all has finally gone wrong for someone… sort of.

In his latest video, popular YouTuber Lanceypooh decided to record his Go adventures as he headed out to chase Pokémon in the woods.

But his trip suddenly took a scary and unexpected turn when Lancey accidentally ended up intruding someone’s property while following the Pokéradar.

This is when things escalated quickly. The alleged owner mistook Lancey’s harmless Pokémon hunt for trespassing and – following a very brief warning – opened fire at the YouTuber and his friends.

Fortunately, however, Lancey and his companions managed to quickly make their way to their vehicle, getting out of harm’s way in one piece. Skip ahead in the video above to 5:20 to watch that bit.

As Redditors have already remarked, the authenticity of the video indeed appears questionable – and I, for one, won’t be surprised, if it turns out to be staged.

But in case it’s real… Pokémon lovers, beware: the hunter can quickly turn into the hunted.

via Reddit

Pokemon Go | HUNTING GONE WRONG!! on YouTube

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