The internet is causing you all these new-age ‘mental disorders’

The internet is causing you all these new-age ‘mental disorders’

While back in the early 2000s many doubted its legitimacy, these days most would agree that internet addiction is no laughing matter.

As more people are sharing their frustrations with their inability to abstain from the Web, author David McCandless has decided to create Inter Mental to document all the conditions you might’ve developed while using the internet… since the best place to learn about the dangers of the internet is, naturally, online.

There you can find an extensive list of quirky mental disorders like ‘Info-dependency’ that refers to the itching compulsion to constantly browse for new information or ‘Online Identity Disorder’ that describes people who have re-situated their self-identity into an online persona.

In addition to listing a wide array of internet-induced conditions, the website also lets you quickly and easily skim through each disorder for more information about its most common signs and symptoms.

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To make navigating through the website more effortless, Inter Mental breaks down the disorders in different categories based on similarities in the symptoms manifested. Simply click on the category of your choice to use this feature.

Go see how many internet-induced mental disorders you’re suffering from here.

Inter Mental

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