Twitch now lets you watch people eat. That’s enough internet for today.

Twitch now lets you watch people eat. That’s enough internet for today.

It’s Friday, but before I can wrap up my shift, power down the laptop (before inevitably powering it back up because I forgot something) and head away from the computer to enjoy a long weekend on the beach — I discover… this.

If you need a good reason to get away from the computer, this is probably the best one I can find. Game streaming site Twitch says it will soon be launching a dedicated channel for watching people eat. The Amazon-owned company currently has a social eating section that allows broadcasters to “socialize with their viewers over their favorite meals.” If you think this is odd, you can thank South Korea, as Twitch credits the country’s infatuation with watching people eat with the decision to open a dedicated channel.

Watch live video from JohnnyVITO on

People make fun of Instagram for being a social platform for showing the world what you’re eating, but Twitch takes it a step further by actually allowing them to watch you eat it.

And that’s enough internet for me today. Enjoy your holiday weekend.

Social Eating Channel on Twitch

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