Final Fantasy VII-themed Monopoly is peak Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VII-themed Monopoly is peak Final Fantasy VII

I loved ‘Final Fantasy VII’ as much as the next gamer, but this FF7-themed Monopoly board game might be a bit much even for diehard fans.

Scheduled to come out next April from online retailer Merchoid, there’s little else we know about the format of the board, but you can probably guess the properties that will be present.

You’ll likely start out in the slums of Midgar, and travel across the mythical world to places like Rocket Town, Nibelheim, and Wutai. Maybe you’ll even buy own your Chocobo ranch and get to stab whoever plays as Aeris in the back – from a real estate point of view, of course.

I happen to like Final Fantasy VII to be fun, and Monopoly is basically the opposite of fun – but if you’re a collector, you can pre-order the board game today for $49.99. Though if we’re gonna have to wait until 2017, you might as well hold out for the PS4 remake – which is confirmed for an October release.

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