Pinterest’s new ‘shopping bag’ lets you shop from any Website with a single transaction

Pinterest’s new ‘shopping bag’ lets you shop from any Website with a single transaction ...

Pinterest has created a way to let you shop across websites via its platform — but check out with a single transaction.

Once a place where people pinned items they thought were cool, Pinterest has slowly morphed into a powerful shopping engine. A new ‘shopping bag’ feature lets you tuck items from all over the web away for purchase later on.

The best part about it is that you don’t have to make multiple transactions. So long as the retailer makes products available on Pinterest via the ‘buy’ pins, which are also rolling out to the Web.

And plenty do; Pinterest says it has “partnered with 20,000 merchants—big and small—to bring over 10 million unique products to Pinterest.”

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Pinterest is helping you discover stuff, too

Pinterest is also making it easier to find items you want to buy. A new curated ‘Pinterest Shop’ experience lets you find new products and collections, while a visual search option lets you tap on various items around an image to learn (and buy!) more about them.

The curation is done by Pinterest editors, both in-house and ‘guests.’ It’s not clear who the guest editors may be, but we’re betting it’s brands who want to be featured on Pinterest.



The new features are rolling out to Android and the Web in the coming weeks, with iOS to follow ‘soon.’

It’s a handy tool for online shopping, and could be a big deal when the holidays roll around. Of course it’s still up to each merchant to fulfill your order, but at least you don’t have to manage multiple profiles on websites.

New ways to shop with Pinterest on Pinterest

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