The future of journalism is jargon

Earlier this month, Tribune Publishing Co., a 168-year-old newspaper publisher that’s been home to the Los Angeles Times, the Baltimore Sun and Chicago Tribune, changed its name to tronc. I didn’t mistype, that’s what the company decided to go with, and it really is all lowercase.

The rebranding is part of the firm’s transformation into ‘a content curation and monetization company focused on creating and distributing premium, verified content across all channels’. tronc is short for ‘tribune online content’.

So what does it have in mind for its mission to take over the world? From the ’employee video’ above which went live today, it seems like tronc wants to confuse people with a high bpm (that’s buzzwords per minute) statement that’s impossible to make sense of.

It’s hard to tell if this a spoof – if it is, it’s probably one of the best bits of satire in 2016. If not, well, it’s clear that every other news publisher can pack up and go home, ’cause tronc has this journalism thing all figured out. Us included.

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