Blinkist launches a magazine that’s the cliff’s notes for picking your cliff’s notes

Blinkist launches a magazine that’s the cliff’s notes for picking your cliff’s notes ...

Blinkist takes non-fiction books and offers them in an abridged format, allowing users to understand the key concepts and ideas of these books within 15 minutes via kindle, the mobile app or on the web.

This month the company launched Blinkist Magazine, making it easy to explore new book suggestions, podcasts, articles and more around a specific theme. The current edition is themed: Rethinking Productivity.



Launched in 2013, the Berlin-based startup has grown to over 700,000 users and expanded the platform to include audio capabilities for when you’re on a run or in a car, a free one-book-a-day tier to get acquainted with the format and best-sellers. These include TNW favorites such as David Allen, Ryan Holiday, and Levitt and Dubner of Freakonomics fame.

With over 1500 books available in ‘Blinks,’ it’s still a challenge to find out what you should read or learn about next.


The Blinkist Magazine team
The Blinkist Magazine team

As someone who loves reading, but tend to get overwhelmed whenever it’s time to decide what to read next, it’s great to be able to sniff around on Blinkist Magazine and let my curiosity take care of the rest. We caught up with the team at TNW Conference a few weeks ago, where we got a sneak peek at the first edition: The Future. A theme we can always get excited about!


Take a look for yourself and learn a bit on how to prepare yourself for the impending robot revolution, how to make better use of your time at work or how to hack your brain. Click here to dive into this week’s edition.

You can download Blinkist on iOS or Android.

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