YouTuber with a death wish vapes, snorts and rubs a Carolina Reaper into his eye

I live on the internet.

Because of the hours spent online, I get to witness some truly extraordinary things, as well as a few head-scratching events that make you wonder about the future of humanity. This video checks both boxes.

YouTuber Russel Hawkins is an avid vaper and a chili pepper aficionado. He grows some of the hottest peppers known to man — the Carolina Reaper — and he even enjoys the occasional capsaicin spike (via said pepper) in his morning coffee.

Obviously not content with being just a kooky eccentric, Hawkins set out to prove that not all heroes wear capes — and not all insane people are in asylums — by vaping, snorting and then rubbing the remnants of a Carolina Reaper into his eye.

As Hawkins says in his video: “I hope you motherfuckers enjoy.”


Vaping Carolina Reaper with a triple surprise on YouTube

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