This awesome mobile film studio used to be a rusty van

This awesome mobile film studio used to be a rusty van

When former art director Zack Both left his job at a tech startup back in 2014 to pursue a career as a filmmaker, he knew his new occupation would involve a lot more traveling and moving around.

This is when Both set out to convert his old rusty van into a sleek mobile film studio. He also documented the conversion in a series of photos and created a website where he explains in more detail how he planned and built his new camper-studio.

mobile studio van

To get the project off the ground, Both sketched a mock-up design of the van in Photoshop where he envisioned the interior and the exterior of the vehicle before proceeding to make any adjustments.

mobile studio 1

It took Both a little over a year of on-and-off work to finish the conversion, but he says that the project could be easily completed within two to three months of hard work. Overall, the conversion cost Both approximately $12,000 to realize.

Among other luxuries, the remodelled van comes with a futon bed, a kitchen with stove and a fridge, a mobile WiFi network as well as a home theatre system. To power these appliances, Both has installed solar panels on the roof of the vehicle.

moving film studio van

This is how the finished camper-studio looks like:

mobile van

You can see more photos of Both’s amazing mobile film studio here. And be sure to check out Both’s van conversion manual – or Vanual as he calls it – here.

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