You can now make your friends help plan Airbnb trips, so good luck with that

You can now make your friends help plan Airbnb trips, so good luck with that

Airbnb is often friendlier to large groups than hotels because it’s more convenient to temporarily share a home than separating into several hotel rooms. But until today, friends have always had to establish a singular person as the go-to contact for reaching out to hosts and making the booking happen.

At Airbnb’s OpenAir annual conference, the company revealed the launch of Collaborative Wish Lists so friends can finally work as a team. This allows friends to add their favorite listings to a shared wish list that’s by invitation only, then vote on places they like the most.

After the trip happens, hosts can also leave reviews for all parties involved in the stay instead of just the person who made the booking. This is great for building your profile out with reviews as you get to share the feedback from a trip everyone (at least, everyone with an Airbnb account) took part in.

Of course, this is assuming you have friends who are actually interested and willing to partake in the logistical planning of the trip. We all have friends who prefer to just be told when to show up and how much money to fork for their share, so if you have bossier friends with strong opinions, maybe it’s best to just let one person lead.

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