Try watching this guy drop a $70,000 camera while showing off a stabilizer without cringing

For those who are prone to butter fingers, shaky hands, or just drink way too much Red Bull, camera stabilizers are godsend for taking smooth videos and photos no matter the circumstance. But sometimes, you can’t always rely on your equipment to keep your gear, well, stable.

Such is the case with this guy playing around with a camera stabilizer at the Cine Gear Expo in Los Angeles this past weekend. The guy lifts, spins, and dances with what Petapixel guesstimates is the $70,000 ARRI Alexa XT, showing off the stabilizer’s ability to keep the camera leveled the entire time.

Until tragedy strikes.


Gravity has a sick sense of humor.

From the split second, it looks like it was the equipment that snapped, but now we know that even with a rig, you should probably keep your hand on your gear instead of getting your groove on when your favorite soundtrack comes on.

There’s no follow up video from what happened, but may we pray for the Alexa’s wellbeing.

Guy Smashes $70,000 Camera While Using Stabilizer on Petapixel

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