This site lets you practice getting into Berlin’s most exclusive nightclub

This site lets you practice getting into Berlin’s most exclusive nightclub

Berlin has steadily earned a reputation as the techno music capital of Europe and nightclub Berghain has played an integral part in the city’s blossoming rave scene.

Known as a hub for hardcore techno and unregulated debauchery, over the years Berghain has not only cemented its status as one of Berlin’s most enticing party destinations, but also one of the world’s most exclusive nightclubs.

While Berghain attracts hundreds of party enthusiasts each week, only a small fraction succeeds in getting past the club’s dubiously mysteriousbut ridiculously strict and exclusory – door policy.

To prepare you for the disappointment of getting denied entry at the notorious venue, two design students from Berlin, Vinzenz Aubry and Fabian Burghardt, have launched a fun interactive web trainer that simulates and lets you experience the club’s rigorous face control procedure.

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The interactive trainer places you right in front of Berghain, where a bouncer asks you three random questions to determine whether you’ll get into the club.

To make the experience more realistic, the website uses your microphone and camera to record your responses and measure how angry, sad, amazed or euphoric you are when answering.

You probably won’t make it in the first time, but practice makes perfect: chances are the more you try, the more likely it becomes to get in.

Check out the Berghain Trainer here and let us know how easy it was to convince the bouncers.

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