Delta’s ‘Innovation Lines’ could change travel forever

Delta’s ‘Innovation Lines’ could change travel forever

If you travel a lot, you likely know how shitty TSA checkpoints are. Getting through an airport safety check can be a nightmare, but Delta may have just solved it with something called “Innovation Lanes.”

Here’s how it works: rather than a single-file line, travelers can queue up and file into ‘divestment points’ to drop their stuff off for scanning and move straight onto the body scans.

Rather than wait for slow-moving passengers to empty their pockets, prepared travelers can simply drop their stuff off and move onto the scan, possibly leapfrogging dawdlers. Bags go through the scanners as you do (like they do now), so there’s little risk of confusion on the other end.

Delta says it hopes to double the productivity of TSA lines with this concept, which means up to a 50 percent reduction in how long it takes you to get through checkpoints.

Another cool feature is that Innovation Lines return bins automatically, and re-route baggage that needs additional scanning. That could help the TSA staff appropriately, and reduce the need for agents to step away to inspect bags.

Delta’s $1 million investment is only live in Atlanta, and there’s no word on whether it will roll out to other airports. We’d have to think it would, and that other airlines would be as interested in Delta in the concept.

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