Here’s what happened in tech last week: Google vs Oracle, Apple gets $1B investment, and more

Here’s what happened in tech last week: Google vs Oracle, Apple gets $1B investment, and more

Another week, another threat to your personal data.

Reportedly, someone has 117 million LinkedIn logins up for sale on the dark web.

This breach doesn’t have the blackmail potential of, say, the Ashley Madison affair, but this is  nevertheless a great time to give all those logins in your password manager a refresh.

If you’re especially security-minded, there’s no time like the present to check out who’s got your back in the cyber security space!


Privacy concerns aside, last week’s news was largely dominated by Google’s I/O conference. The company is looking to take on Siri and Amazon’s Echo, among other things. You can find all the details on what was announced in our wrap-up of the event.

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A look at the big picture

In the past week, Index logged 223 funding events from 30 different countries. The top 10 countries from North America and Europe in terms of number of rounds can be seen below:


North America

This week in North America there were 130 investments made at a total of $10 billion in capital deployment. A larger than usual amount, due in part to big deals like Warren Buffet’s $1 billion investment in Apple. Similarly, Tesla Motors brought in $1.42 billion in new capital after a stock sale last week. Check out the breakdown in series in North America below:



Europe saw 46 funding rounds for a total of $700 million. The week’s largest round was hauled in by Belgium-based mobile sales tool Showpad. The company took in $50 million in a Series C round from Hummingbird Ventures, Insight Venture Partners, and Dawn Capital. Below you can see the breakdown of rounds for the week.


A look back

In this section we look back at the past eight weeks and compare Angel and Seed level rounds, and Series A rounds in both regions. The charts show the fluctuations in average capital volume of the rounds.


Last week’s must-reads

A hacker is selling 117 million LinkedIn logins on the Dark Web [The Next Web]

Fitbit is buying Coin so it can make a fitness tracker that pays for things [The Verge]

Uber riders are willing to pay up to 9.9x in surge pricing if their phone battery’s low [The Next Web]

Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway Took Apple Stake Worth About $1 Billion in 1st Quarter [Bloomberg]

Facebook To Sell Video Ads On Behalf of Other Firms [Wall Street Journal]

Google launches Science Journal to turn your phone into a research lab [The Next Web]

SEC: Cyber security is the biggest risk to the global financial system [Business Insider]

Microsoft is selling its feature phone business to Foxconn for $350 million [The Verge]

The Oracle v. Google trial draws sketchy image of Android’s Java use [The Next Web]


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