pilot tests grocery deliveries (but it may take 2 days to arrive) pilot tests grocery deliveries (but it may take 2 days to arrive)

In its attempt to further rival Amazon, e-retailer today added a new category of products: fresh grocery.

Items like milk, eggs, fruits, and meats will be available for select customers as the site begins pilot testing this new service in 875 zip codes spanning New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and Washington, DC. Deliveries are free for orders above $35, which shouldn’t be hard to meet if you’re shopping for the week.

In comparison, Amazon’s Fresh service costs $299 a year, which includes a Prime membership, and offers its two-hour Prime Now delivery option where available. dropped its $49 membership fee last fall, but orders may take up to two days to deliver – making your groceries, well, only kinda fresh.

But given that Jet’s selling point is economy of scale, if you’re buying a lot of food and don’t mind waiting an extra day for them to arrive, this may be a good option to save extra bucks for the family.

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