China bans livestreams of people ‘seductively’ eating bananas

China bans livestreams of people ‘seductively’ eating bananas

In its efforts to further oppress the internet, China has put forward new regulations that will ban women from livestreaming themselves eating bananas in an erotic manner. Well then.

According to the BBC, the move is part of its ongoing effort to control “inappropriate and erotic” Web content. In addition to sexy banana eating, videos of people wearing stockings or suspenders are also prohibited.

Shanghaiist reports that working as a camgirl (banana-eating or otherwise) can be a lucrative gig – those who have a decent following can make as much as 100,000 yuan per month (~$15,300 USD) if they’re able to seduce viewers into buying “virtual gifts” like chocolates and designer bags, then take a cut of the sales with the streaming companies. It’s sort of like how western celebrities promote protein shakes and detox teas on Instagram – but a bit more R-rated.

Now that banana eating is banned though, the Chinese community is left to wonder how the state will actually enforce the regulations. Let’s just say if cucumber sales skyrocket in China, you’ll know why.

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