Satellite TV provider DISH is getting into the smartphone repair game, starting with iPhones

Satellite TV provider DISH is getting into the smartphone repair game, starting with iPhones

DISH is getting into the smartphone repair game with a new on-demand service called — wait for it — Smart Phone Repair.

Rather than send your phone in, or take it to a repair shop, DISH will send a technician to you, wherever you are. “Fixing your phone shouldn’t mean losing your phone for days on end,” says John Swieringa, executive vice president of Operations at DISH.

“DISH is uniquely positioned with the technical know-how and ability to respond to a customer’s needs in every state across the country.”

Currently, the program only covers iPhones, but its naming scheme suggests DISH is at least eyeing other popular brands and phone models.


For now, DISH is only repairing screens and replacing batteries. Prices range from $74.99 (battery replacement on any iPhone from the 5 through the 6S Plus) to a screen repair and battery replacement session for the iPhone 6 Plus.

In making an appointment, all customers have to do is tell DISH which iPhone they have, which service they’d like, where they’d like the technician to meet them, a phone number they can be reached at, email and a preferred appointment time. DISH will schedule technicians to arrive on two-hour windows, and reserves the appointment with a $35 fee that is included with the cost of completed services.

This all sounds weird, I know, but it’s a smart move on DISH’s part. They already have a team of mobile technicians, and the repairs DISH offers are actually fairly easy to do (with the right equipment).

And if DISH ever gets into the carrier racket, it could spin its technicians into completely mobile sales and service staff. That’d be even cooler.

Smart Phone Repair on DISH

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