You’re good to go with these 6 travel and transport startups

You’re good to go with these 6 travel and transport startups

Every year, The Next Web holds hundreds of interviews with young startups in order to shortlist the cream of the crop and invite them to Boost, our early-stage growth program at TNW Conference.

The applications for Boost are now closed, and we’re proud to have 200 of the world’s hottest starts startups ready to show 9,400 tech influencers, investors and journalists the next game-changers. Missed your chance to apply? Startups can still attend TNW Conference by buying tickets here.

This week, we’re bringing you six emerging startups ready to disrupt the way we navigate through lifeWhether you’re looking for the easiest way to pay for public transport or want to book the perfect cruise, you’re sure to find a company that makes getting from A to B that much better.

Check out the six companies that have been invited to participate below, and be sure to catch them, along with 194 other great startups, at TNW Europe in May.




From: Antwerp, Belgium

Krumb is a unique app that adds a storytelling dimension to reality. It allows you to attach messages and stories to places, but keep in mind: A krumb is only viewable exactly where you drop it!



Sofia, Bulgaria

TICKEY is a mobile ticketing app for Android and iPhone that allows you to pay fares for public transport – buses, trams, trolleys, metro/underground in your town.



From: Noordwijk, Netherlands

Flo helps you to become a better driver by giving you realtime audio feedback.



From: Noordwijk, Netherlands

eFarmer is mobile app that visually assists you in making the optimal passes on the field and keep track of your work. Now you can be more efficient and professional while working in the tractor!



From: Athens, Greece

bethere lets people plan cool moments out by keeping track of their friends’ future check-ins.

t5-logo Tubbber


From: Groningen, Netherlands

Tubbber is the link between professional charter companies, private boat owners and charterers.

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