Furbo lets you catapult treats at your dog when you’re not around

Furbo lets you catapult treats at your dog when you’re not around

Everyone gets a little curious about what their pets are up to when they’re not around. While the concept of pet cams aren’t exactly new, Furbo wants to help you catapult treats to your pet so you can interact when you’re away.

furbo device

Furbo works like most portable surveillance cameras: it’s got a 120-degree angle lens that you can zoom in and out of, night vision, a microphone that both listens and allows you to speak to the pet, a camera to record HD videos or snap photos, and a sensor that can send alerts should your dog start barking repeatedly.

If you refill the top chassis with small treats, you can also push one button to send a snack flying and watch your pet scurry around to find it. Furbo recommends you use 3M stickers to keep the wired device stable on a countertop.

furbo gif

Pet cameras like Petzi already have a treat-dispensing feature, but Furbo hopes that the act of literally launching the snack is more fun for both you and your pet. Can’t be rewarded without a little bit of work, right?

Unlike Petzi, Furbo will launch at a slightly cheaper rate – $99 for the pre-order via Indiegogo compared to Petzi’s $169. Furbo cameras will ship this August internationally.

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