Notorious B.I.G. may go on tour again — 20 years after his death

Notorious B.I.G. may go on tour again — 20 years after his death
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Yesterday, ARHT (Augmented Reality Holographic Technology) announced that it had acquired the digital rights to Notorious B.I.G.’s — aka Christopher Wallace’s — likeness and that it would resurrect the deceased rapper as a hologram.

Not wasting any time, ARHT is putting the hologram to use in a music video for Faith Evans’ (Wallace’s widow) first single from the upcoming record ‘The King & I.’

Capturing Biggie’s essence is the goal for ARHT CEO Paul Duffy. Duffy told Billboard that he plans to go to great lengths to resurrect the likeness of the slain rapper.

“We’ll use input from virtually anywhere so we’ll talk to people, we’ll obviously look through existing footage. We’ll meet with family members and just look to alternately capture the essence of Biggie. Then we’ll have their eyes on all the content and material that’s being built. Of course, nothing would be released until they felt comfortable and signed off on it.”

From there, B.I.G. is expected to go on tour, although there is no specific timetable for this. Perhaps ARHT can weave in some cameo performances from other deceased stars, such as holographic Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston or famed-BFF-turned-bitter-rival Tupac Shakur.

ARHT Media Secures Digital Rights to Notorious B.I.G. Hologram: Exclusive on Billboard

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